About Us

Hi! We are a dedicated group of individuals looking to help make a little difference in the world. We created Lab Testing API so an individual, a health provider or health business, can get a lab test easily and inexpensively with a company who truly cares for the individual, not the profit margin.

Healthcare is a basic human right – not a privilege and we wanted to contribute in our own little way to make it a little easier to get diagnostic testing. Our goal is to make it less painful when paying for testing, to remove the concern that comes with healthcare and to raise the awareness of health that lab testing can bring.

The system is basic and easy to use, with great plans to bring lots of tools to our little lab ecosystem to make those lives who use it and need it a little easier.

Seeing others happy makes us happy.

Lab Testing API Ltd
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LTA strongly encourages those who use our service to consult and work with an experienced healthcare provider as our services are not to replace the relationship with a licensed doctor or regular medical screenings.