Low – Cost Lab Testing for your Health Business

To get tested at a lab in the United States, a licensed practitioner is required to write a prescription for the individual getting tested. Not all healthcare providers can write scripts for their patients – i.e. acupuncturists, podiatrists, nutritionists, etc. How convenient would it be if you could offer your customers the ability to order their own lab tests rather than sending them elsewhere? Giving your customers direct access will save them time and money and provide you with a faster service to receive results. Ask us how we can help you achieve just that!

For licensed healthcare providers, let us be your affordable cash pay solution for your patients without insurance, who have high deductibles to meet, or who are restricted on which tests they can get. Contact us to find out how competitive our prices are so your patients can save on their healthcare.


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LTA strongly encourages those who use our service to consult and work with an experienced healthcare provider as our services are not to replace the relationship with a licensed doctor or regular medical screenings.